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If you are researching mortgage note buyers be sure to do business with an experienced and honest firm. The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. takes great pride in its reputation as one of the nation's leading mortgage note buyers. Our long history of doing business with honesty and integrity has made us one of the most accomplished mortgage note buyers in the country.

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As your mortgage note buyer we will convert all, or just a portion of your future mortgage note payments into cash. We always pay all of the transaction expenses, so the price we quote you is the price you will receive. Contact the premier mortgage note buyer, and private mortgage buyer today to learn more about your options.

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As respected mortgage note buyers for nearly twenty years our status has been diligently forged by helping mortgage note holders in every way. Our website may be the best resource available for creating and servicing private mortgage note investments.

Mortgage Note Buyer

John A. Avenia, President

If you have questions for a mortgage note buyer, call our President John A. Avenia. He is always happy to speak with you and ready to provide you with a no cost – no obligation purchase proposal for your valuable mortgage note investment.

The professionals at The Mortgage Buyer strive to consistently offer the best pricing and exceptional customer service. We will work hard to beat every other purchase offer you receive for your mortgage note. If we can’t, we will send you a check for $200.00 when you close the sale with the other mortgage note buyer. This is our way of guaranteeing you receive the highest possible price for your mortgage note investment.

At The Mortgage Buyer, we deliver superior customer service and always do our best to offer you the highest cash purchase price for your mortgage note investment. Contact us today to request a free, no-obligation mortgage note quote, call us at (800) 618-2485 or email The Mortgage Buyer, Inc.